Competition dates

The Veronica Dunne International Singing Competition is committed to discovering the future’s best classical singers. For the 2025 Competition, we will travel to six fantastic cities throughout the world to hold live auditions, including Dublin, London, New York, Paris, Munich and Berlin.

Live auditions


Auditions will take place in October and November 2024 (dates to be announced soon) in the following locations:

Can’t make it to a live audition?

We always like to meet you in person, however, if you are unable to attend a live audition we do accept video links to be submitted as part of your online application. Find out more details from our FAQs.

Competition week

23–28 JANUARY 2025

Our 2025 Singing Competition will be held in Dublin, Ireland, from 23rd–28th January 2025. Each round will take place at the National Concert Hall (NCH) and will be open to the public to enjoy. The competition week is split into four different rounds:

Thursday 23rd & Friday 24th January 2025
Our Preliminary Rounds will take place at the National Concert Hall (NCH) in Dublin on Thursday 23rd and on Friday 24th January. Competitors sing 2 operatic arias accompanied by piano.

Saturday 25th January 2025
Our Quarter Final will be held at the National Concert Hall (NCH) in Dublin on Saturday 25th January. Twenty-four competitors sing 2 operatic arias accompanied by piano.

Sunday 26th January 2025
Our Semi Final invites twelve competitors to perform in the National Concert Hall in Dublin, on Sunday 26th January. These twelve competitors sing a 20 minute programme of opera, oratorio and song.

Tuesday 28th January 2025
Our Competition Final invites our six most talented competitors to sing three arias with orchestra before the jury decide on the winners. This prestigious event will be held in the Main Auditorium of the National Concert Hall in Dublin.